Wednesday Workshops: May 2021

 In May I offered 4 workshops, divided by topic and level.  
If you missed signing up for the live workshops, you can still register here to receive unlimited access to the full workshop video and teaching resources (including sheet music and audio/video files)! Check back soon for details on my next series of workshops, starting late August 2021…

May 12: Slow Airs (Advanced)

Tune: Ag Taisteal na Blarnan
This is one of my favourite slow airs, even though it’s fairly tricky. This workshop will be by ear only, with no sheet music provided.  We will also talk about ornamentation in the context of slow airs and look at left hand ideas for the tune.

May 19: Dance Tunes (Elementary/Intermediate)

Tune: Tooreendarby Polka
This workshop will include 2 versions of the tune, one with a very easy bass and the second version introducing syncopation, walking bass and damping in the left hand. I find this tune great for getting comfortable with syncopation!

May 26: Dance Tunes (Intermediate / Advanced)

Tune: The Rock of the Clyde (Brid Harper’s Jig)
One of my favourite jigs, with some lovely chord progressions in the 2nd part of the tune and lots of opportunity to work on walking basses and damping in the left hand.

June 2: Harpers’ Tunes (Upper Elementary/Intermediate)

Tune: Captain O’Kane

We will learn this well-known melody and talk about ideas for arranging pieces by Carolan and other 17th and 18th century harpers, as the approach is a bit different to what we have been doing in the dance tunes. We will also work on ornamentation, in particular the double grace note.

Spring 2021, Irish Harp Online – Virtual Harp Camp : Build your own!

Intensive private or small group tuition online… organise a customised workshop or performance with your harp circle, friends or students. Choose your preferred dates and times, topics you want to cover etc
Email to discuss the possibilities!

July 5-9 2021, Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy (Online)

Gráinne will be teaching along with 4 other harp teachers. Classes also available in a variety of other instruments.
See website for details and to register.

July 11-16 2021, Swannanoa Gathering Online

Gráinne will be teaching a beginners and an intermediate/advanced harp workshop, as well as a concertina class for all levels, live on zoom.  There will also be sessions and concerts featuring a variety of musicians.
See swangathering for details and to register.

July 22-25 2021, Somerset Folk Harp Festival Online

Join Gráinne and a host of other harpers for workshops (live and and pre-recorded), concerts, sessions and more…
See for details and to register.

August 2-5 2021, Scoil Éigse (Online)

Classes available in a range of instruments. 2 hours tuition per day, live on zoom, from 10-11am and 11.30am-12.30pm Irish time. There will also be workshops / sessions and concerts featuring a variety of musicians.
See for details. Registration opens Monday July 5th at 10.00am.

August 2-6 2021, Harp Column Academy Summer Camp (Online)

5 days of live tuition with Harp Column Academy master instructors, live on zoom, from 10.30am to 4.00pm Eastern time. All workshops are recorded with access for up to 1 year.
See website for details and full schedule. Registration now open.