Traditional Irish Music Arranged for Harp: Volume 1 Book/PDF

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Arranged by Gráinne Hambly

including P&P

This book includes 17 traditional Irish tunes: 6 at intermediate level (including 2 different arrangements of some tunes) and the rest are tunes from the CD Between the Showers. (See list of contents below.) The book also includes detailed notes on the tunes, tips on ornamentation, arranging, interpreting the notation and playing Irish Dance Music on the harp.

Length: 52 pages, individual tunes 1-4 pages

Download sample.


  • A Fig for a Kiss (2 versions)
  • The Blackthorn Stick (2 versions)
  • The Boys of the Town
  • The Glass of Beer
  • The Star of Munster
  • The Tailor’s Twist (2 versions)
  • Cooley’s Hornpipe (Paddy O’Brien)
  • The Blackbird
  • Eleanor Plunkett (Turlough O’Carolan)
  • Madge Malone (Turlough O’Carolan)
  • McIntyre’s Fancy (John Brady)
  • O’Farrell’s Welcome to Limerick
  • Flying to the Fleadh (Patrick Davey)
  • The Crib of Perches
  • Garrett Barry’s Reel
  • The Bucks of Oranmore
  • Soft Mild Morning (Melody and Arrangement)