Wednesday Workshops May 2021


This month I will be offering 4 workshops, divided by topic and level. Workshops take place on Wednesdays 8.00-9.15pm (Irish time).
An audio recording will be sent to participants in advance so you can familiarise yourself with the tune ahead of each workshop. The workshop itself will be taught by ear, live on zoom, and will be video recorded with an access link sent afterward so you can review at your leisure or catch up if you couldn’t make the live workshop. Sheet music will also be provided.

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May 12: Slow Airs (Advanced)
Tune: Ag Taisteal na Blarnan
This is one of my favourite slow airs, even though it’s fairly tricky. This workshop will be by ear only, with no sheet music provided. We will also talk about ornamentation in the context of slow airs and look at left hand ideas for the tune.

May 19: Dance Tunes (Elementary/Intermediate)
Tune: Tooreendarby Polka
This workshop will include 2 versions of the tune, one with a very easy bass and the second version introducing syncopation, walking bass and damping in the left hand. I find this tune great for getting comfortable with syncopation!

May 26: Dance Tunes (Intermediate / Advanced)
Tune: The Rock of the Clyde (Brid Harper’s Jig)
One of my favourite jigs, with some lovely chord progressions in the 2nd part of the tune and lots of opportunity to work on walking basses and damping in the left hand.

June 2: Harpers’ Tunes (Upper Elementary/Intermediate)
Tune: Captain O’Kane

We will learn this well-known melody and talk about ideas for arranging pieces by Carolan and other 17th and 18th century harpers, as the approach is a bit different to what we have been doing in the dance tunes. We will also work on ornamentation, in particular the double grace note.

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May 12: Slow Airs (Advanced), May 19: Dance Tunes (Elementary/Intermediate), May 26: Dance Tunes (Intermediate / Advanced), June 2: Harpers’ Tunes (Upper Elementary/Intermediate)