Pre-Recorded Workshops – Winter Special

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This summer I am making all workshops from the past workshop series available to purchase individually. The tunes taught are listed below. Each workshop is 25 euro, or you can purchase 4 workshops for the special price of 80 euro. For each workshop you will receive sheet music [except where otherwise stated], the full workshop video (60-75 mins recorded on zoom) and a short video summary of the tune 5-10 minutes in length), as well as an audio recording of the tune. Materials will be sent to you by email after purchase. See below for the full list of workshop titles. When you select the workshop payment please list the workshop tune(s) you wish to purchase in the comments box.

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Workshop Titles:

Elementary / Intermediate
1. Suantrai (Air / Lullaby)
2. The Cobbler (Polka)
3. Selection of Irish Christmas tunes
4. The Walls of Liscarroll (Double Jig)
5. The Gracious Fair Lady (Air)
6. Star Above the Garter (Slide)
7. Inis Oirr (Inisheer) (Air - 2 versions)
8. Down the Brae (March)
9. Tooreendarby Polka (Polka - 2 versions)
10. Captain O’Kane (Carolan)
11. Johnny Will you Marry Me? (Schottische - 2 versions)
12. The Munster Cloak (Air)
13. Return from Fingal (March)
14. Casadh an tSúgáin (Air)
15. Eibhli Gheal Chiúin (Air - 2 versions)

1. Dever the Dancer (Slip Jig)
2. A Thousand Farewells (Double Jig,, comp Sean Ryan)
3. Mrs. MacDermott Roe (Carolan)
4. An Chóisir (Slide) + Johnny is Gone to France (Reel)
5. Mickey Callaghan’s Fancy (Hornpipe)
6. The Red Haired Girl (Slip Jig, comp Paddy O Brien)
7. Na Connerys (Slow Air - no sheet music provided)
8. Sporting Nell (Reel)
9. The Rock of The Clyde (Double Jig, comp Bobby MacLeod)
10. Give us a Drink of Water (Slip Jig)
11. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (Hornpipe)
12. Josefin's Waltz (Waltz, comp. Roger Tallroth)
13. Planxty Crilly (Carolan Piece)
14. The Road to Glountane (Fling comp. Terry 'Cuz' Teahan)
15. The Sheep in the Boat (Jig, comp Junior Crehan)
16. Eanach Dhúin (Slow air - no sheet music provided)
17. George Brabazon Ist Air (Carolan Piece)
18. The Ravelled Hank of Yarn (Reel)

1. The Golden Keyboard (Reel, comp Martin Mulhaire)
2. Crabs in the Skillet (Double Jig)
3. Rossinver Bays (Hornpipe, comp Charlie Lennon)
4. An Draigheann (Slow Air, comp Peadar O Riada - no sheet music provided) + The Thorn Tree (Slip Jig, Comp Gráinne Hambly)
5. Munster Buttermilk (Double Jig)
6. Kusnacht (Waltz, comp Johnny McCarthy)
7. Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel (Reel)
8. Lord Massereene (Carolan)
9. Ag Taisteal na Blárnan (Slow Air – no sheet music provided)

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