“…a dazzling, rhythmically complex performance showcasing her unique playing style, an artful balance of power and finesse. “


“The international harp community finally has something they have been waiting for: a virtuoso from Ireland who plays traditional pieces in a relaxed, undogmatic manner with a wonderfully swinging rhythm. Her technique with the left hand in particular lends the old melodies a fresh flair…. This is music for the heart, the head, the body. This is the future of harp music in Ireland!”

Rüdiger Oppermann

“Her harp playing is always refreshing, uncluttered and genuine, speaking to the heart of the music.” 

The Celtic Harp Page

“…Grainne Hambly has to be among my favorite harp players in Ireland today… a tasteful player and a great interpreter of both the old harp repertoire and the traditional dance music of Ireland.”

Philippe Varlet at CelticGrooves Imports

“From her expressive renderings of airs to dynamic dance tunes, Grainne Hambly demonstrates ‘absolute mastery of the Irish harp’. Her accompaniments, while firmly traditional, incorporate and celebrate contemporary rhythms with dexterity and flawless taste. Popular worldwide, Grainne has three solo CDs, two music books and a collaborative CD with William Jackson. Over the past year Gráinne has developed a popular online programme of workshops as well as participating in many online performances. With a master’s degree from Queens University in Belfast and years of workshop experience, her teaching skills match her playing; she is patient, clear, and sharp-eyed.”

Somerset Folk Harp Festival